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The Indie Unplugged with Nordic Daughter

Creating Song Babies: The Unique Sound of Nordic Daughter

We have a special interview with the talented duo Nordic Daughter - a folk alternative band with a rockin' twist. In this video, we sit down with Melissa and Jason to explore their unique journey into the music world, their inspirations, and how they joined forces to create captivating music.

Melissa's love for music started at a young age, growing up in a home filled with melodies from classic 70s bands like The Beatles. She took up singing and piano, which became her passion. After taking a break, her life took a significant turn when she met Jason, reigniting her love for music, leading her to manage bands and dive deep into the music industry. In 2014, they began writing music together, using it as a means to reconnect and heal their relationship.

Jason's journey into music was also an early calling. He fell in love with the guitar at the tender age of 10, pursuing his passion for music. His interest ranged from rock and hip-hop to country melodies, which eventually shaped the distinctive sound of Nordic Daughter. Though his initial inclination was towards electric guitar, his love for authentic sounds led him to the acoustic guitar, harmonizing perfectly with Melissa's vocals.

Together, Melissa and Jason bring a unique blend of emotions and life experiences into their music. Their authentic lyrics and melodic tunes reflect their upbringing and deep-rooted connection with music. They consider their songs as "song babies," each one carrying its own unique life that resonates with their listeners.

As a husband and wife team in the music industry, they navigate both the pros and cons of working together. On the bright side, they share the same passion, pushing each other towards their dreams, and find inspiration in one another. Writing music together feels organic, with their shared experiences enhancing the process.

However, they also face challenges. Balancing personal and professional lives can be tricky, and sometimes the stress of the industry seeps into their relationship. But, with open communication and constant reevaluation, they continue to find a balance that strengthens their bond and music.

For Melissa, music is therapeutic. It has helped her heal from past traumas and find a sense of purpose. For Jason, it was the love for the guitar and the emotional connection to music that drove him to pursue a career in this field. Both of them agree that music fills their lives with joy, and they wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Join us in celebrating the magic of Nordic Daughter's music as they continue to create powerful and authentic songs that touch the soul.

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