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The Indie Unplugged with Coppe Cantrell

The Calling of Coppe Cantrell: Music, Faith, and Integrity

Welcome to We Create Music TV! In this episode, we have an exclusive interview with Coppe Cantrell, a multi-talented artist and entrepreneur in the gospel music industry. Coppe wears many hats as a philanthropist, businesswoman, writer, producer, singer, and songwriter, and tonight, you'll get to know more about her journey and her incredible talents.

Coppe shares the story of how she got into the music world after her spiritual awakening. Before she found her faith, she was married to the famous producer Johnny J, known for his work with Tupac. Unfortunately, Johnny J passed away in 2008, and Coppe was involved in various music projects behind the scenes, even contributing her vocals on some tracks without receiving recognition.

After her spiritual transformation, a prophet told her she would become a singer, and she initially dismissed the idea. However, one night, she woke up from her sleep and started singing spontaneously, feeling a strong calling from God to use her voice for His glory. She managed to merge her lyrics with Johnny J's music, creating beautiful songs that honor her late husband and uplift the hearts of listeners.

Coppe candidly shares her journey in the gospel industry, revealing that not everyone has been supportive. Despite facing challenges and gatekeepers in the Christian music community, she remains steadfast in her faith and obedience to God's calling. Coppe emphasizes that her purpose is not about fame or money; it's about using her gift to lead souls to Christ and glorify God.

Throughout the interview, Coppe expresses her unwavering commitment to God's will and her refusal to compromise her integrity. She touches on the misconception that the Christian music industry is different from the secular one, emphasizing that it's still a business with its challenges and competition.

She opens up about facing rejection and not being accepted within the gospel community, but she remains focused on her mission to spread the Gospel through her music. Coppe shares her experiences meeting various artists, including the backstage encounters with Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary, and she acknowledges that it's essential to stay grounded and humble despite success.

Towards the end of the interview, Coppe talks about the significance of her nickname given to her by her father. She honors his memory by using "Coppe" as her stage name, inspired by the copper color of her hair as a child.

Coppe's journey is a testament to her unwavering faith and dedication to God's calling. Her story serves as an inspiration to all aspiring artists, reminding us that obedience to God's purpose is the ultimate reward, surpassing any earthly fame or riches.

Join us for this incredible conversation with Coppe Cantrell, and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to Week Create Music TV for more inspiring interviews and music content.

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